The VISCODA GmbH license models emphasize our trusting relationship with customers and our commitment to develop and deliver user-friendly software products. Therefore the installation is kept simple. No dongle is needed and a license is not bound to a particular hardware or a particular operating system.

The activation of the full functionality of VISCODA GmbH software products requires a software license. A software license belongs to an individual license key with an associated serial number. The license is activated by the purchased license key. A VISCODA GmbH software license is valid for an unlimited time period.

Please keep with the VISCODA GmbH licensing provisions. Non-compliance with the VISCODA GmbH licensing provisions will be an offense, that may negatively affect further development and will be hurtful to legitimated users.

Single User License:
A Single User License grants the right to have one installed copy of the software on one computer owned by or under control of the license holder and to execute it by one user at a time. Simultaneous execution of the software by multiple users, whether on a networked system or by any technical ways, is prohibited. A purchased license may be transferred to another computer provided that the software is not used on two or more computers concurrently under the same license.

Multi User License:
A Multi User License (Concurrent Use License) grants the right to install copies of the software and to concurrently execute it on more than one computer of the license holder. The number of installed copies as well as the number of concurrent users executing the software is limited to the number of users specified by the license.

Special Licenses:
VISCODA GmbH offers also discounted licenses to schools, colleges and universities. In Addition, purchasing of site licenses for customers with high license volumes is possible. For more information, please use the sales email form to contact VISCODA GmbH.

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